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Mobile Connectivity and the Evolving Threat Landscape

Mobile Connectivity and the Evolving Threat Landscape

These days, it’s a rare occurrence to enter a home that isn’t utilizing smart technology. Devices like smart TVs, voice assistants, and security cameras make our lives more convenient and connected.  Get support for McAfee Antivirus by

However, as consumers adopt this technology into their everyday lives, cybercriminals find new ways to exploit these devices for malicious activity. With an evolving threat landscape, cybercriminals are shifting their tactics in response to changes in the market. As we revealed in our latest Mobile Threat Report, malicious actors look for ways to maximize their profit, primarily through gaining control of trusted IoT devices like voice assistants.

There are over 25 million voice assistants in use across the globe and many of these devices are connected to other things like thermostats, door locks, and smart plugs.

With this increase in connectivity, cybercriminals have more opportunities to exploit users’ devices for malicious purposes. Additionally, cybercriminals are leveraging users’ reliance on their mobile phones to mine for cryptocurrency without the device owner’s knowledge. According to our Mobile Threat Report, cybersecurity researchers found more than 600 malicious cryptocurrency apps spread across 20 different app stores.

In order to protect users during this time of rapid IoT and mobile growth, we here at McAfee are pushing to deliver solutions for relevant, real-world security challenges with the help of our partners.

Mobile Connectivity and the Evolving Threat Landscape

Nowadays, it’s an uncommon event to enter a home that isn’t using shrewd innovation. Gadgets like savvy TVs, voice collaborators, and surveillance cameras make our lives progressively helpful and associated. In any case, as shoppers receive this innovation into their regular daily existences, cybercriminals find better approaches to abuse these gadgets for vindictive action. With a developing risk scene, cybercriminals are moving their strategies in light of changes in the market. As we uncovered in our most recent Mobile Threat Report, malignant entertainers search for approaches to expand their benefit, principally through dealing with trusted IoT gadgets like voice aides. There are more than 25 million voice colleagues being used over the globe and a significant number of these gadgets are associated with different things like indoor regulators, entryway bolts, and brilliant fittings. With this expansion in availability, cybercriminals have more chances to abuse clients’ gadgets for pernicious purposes. Furthermore, cybercriminals are utilizing clients’ dependence on their cell phones to dig for digital currency without the gadget proprietor’s learning. As per our Mobile Threat Report, cybersecurity scientists discovered in excess of 600 pernicious digital currency applications spread crosswise over 20 diverse application stores. So as to ensure clients amid this season of fast IoT and versatile development, we here at McAfee are pushing to convey answers for significant, true security challenges with the assistance of our accomplices.

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