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Last Updated on March 25, 2021


While the evolution of technology in the modern age has made our lives extremely convenient, it has also exposed our personal information and data to threats. Not only do you need to protect your computer from such threats, but your mobile phone is just as vulnerable. Fortunately, you can invest in a security application such as Mobile Security to keep your phone device safe and secure.


The simple answer to this question is yes- McAfee Mobile Security does scan your mobile phone for malware, which includes viruses, worms, key loggers, bots, Trojans, spyware, and malicious programs that may compromise your data. Not only that, but McAfee Mobile Security also keeps you safe on the online front by protecting you from downloading any suspicious files that may put your device at risk, particularly if you are using an Android smartphone.

Your Mobile Security program will typically sift through and scan all of your phone memory- this includes all of your locally stored files, documents, pictures, messages, installed applications, as well as your memory car. It also checks for any suspected content in your mail and email attachments. The application will run scans in real time and detect potential viruses and other forms of malware whenever you receive a new file, message, or install a new application. You also have the option to run manual scans if needed.


The fact of the matter is that you do not need to run scans for viruses in your system applications if you have an iOS device. The Apple operating system is itself designed to restrict and resist any negative actions that your installed apps may take. As such, any and all apps on the App Store have undergone a thorough vetting process to ensure that they do not contain any malicious or suspicious content. iOS also restricts the extent of access that your installed apps have within your mobile device. This means that they can usually only access their own data and resources and cannot interfere with the function of any other application on your Apple device.


If you would like to avail the protective features of McAfee Mobile Security, here is how to download it onto your smartphone:

  • If you have an Android phone, go to the Google Play Store. If you have an Apple iPhone, head over to the App Store.
  • In the respective store, search for McAfee Mobile Security.
  • Locate the authentic application and install it for free on your mobile phone.
  • To activate your product, open up the installed app.
  • Either enter your existing McAfee account credentials or create a new account with your email and password.
  • You can also activate a subscription by tapping on Enter Activation Code under the menu.
  • Your activation code is a 25-digit key that is unique to the product you have purchased and gives you access to the tools and features it provides.
  • Check on all the features that you wish to activate and equip your phone with the tools it needs to protect your data.

Remember that Mobile Security is installed on your phone’s local memory. You cannot install MMS on a memory card or other external memory aids.

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